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Posted by HVAC Specialist September 16th, 2019

Preventative Maintenance Inspection:

If you would like a one-time inspection on your HVAC equipment, we offer preventative maintenance inspections that cover the same aspects of our Home Service Agreements (which is 2 inspections per year)

Preventative maintenance inspections will follow industry-recommended procedures and will include the following check list as applicable to your system:

  • ● Clean and treat drain pan, line, switches, and pumps
  • ● Check refrigeration charge
  • ● Inspect, clean, and replace 1” filters
  • ● Inspect ductwork
  • ● Inspect and clean coils
  • ● Check and lubricate motors and bearings
  • ● Check defrost controls
  • ● Inspect indoor blower wheel
  • ● Check and tighten electrical components
  • ● Check voltage and amp draw of motors
  • ● Inspect safety controls for proper protection
  • ● Test gas valve operation (gas furnace)
  • ● Check and clean burner section (gas furnace)
  • ● Clean and inspect heat exchanger (gas furnace)
  • ● Inspect flue pipe (gas furnace)

This service is meant to serve as a routine maintenance for your equipment. This is not a diagnostic service call. If you are aware of an issue with your system, a diagnostic service call is needed to determine the issue. A diagnostic service call does not include the preventative maintenance inspection checklist.

Diagnostic Service Call:

If an issue arises with your system, such as a water leak or a freeze-up, a diagnostic service call is needed. Just as you would go to a doctor to diagnose your own symptoms, your HVAC system needs an experienced service technician to diagnose the issue at hand.

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