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Living in North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad, we all know how crucial it is to have an air conditioning system that you can lean on. You need something reliable, tailored to your home’s needs, and something that will stand the test of each balmy summer, performing as well as the day it was installed. Webb Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to handle all your Piedmont Triad air conditioning needs. From replacing to maintaining and repairing, we have your back to keep you cool when the temperature spikes.

Considering a central AC unit or a ductless system? Great! Our team of professionals can provide top-notch air conditioning installation in the Piedmont Triad area.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Swapping out your old air conditioner isn’t just a small weekend project. It’s a significant step that must be tackled with precision to make sure your home stays refreshingly cool each summer. We kick off this process by figuring out just how much cooling your home needs and ensuring that the new system is up to the task.

Once that’s sorted, we put on our detective hats to find the air conditioner that’s going to fit your home like a glove. Whether you have ductwork in your home or not, or if there’s room for it, we have options aplenty. From ductless to high-velocity systems for those beautiful older homes, and even dual-fuel systems for those who want a heat pump to provide dedicated heating. Webb has you covered.

If you’re simply looking to replace the existing air conditioner, we’re more than ready to help with that too. We’ll remove your old system, give the air handler and ductwork a good once-over to see what kind of replacement would suit your setup, and ensure your upgrade is as energy efficient as possible.

Air-Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Your air conditioner isn’t just a machine. It’s an investment in your comfort. Just like any investment, taking care of it year-round is critical. Regular maintenance keeps your air conditioner humming along each summer, all while reducing the overall cost of keeping your home cool.

When we pop by for maintenance visits, we’ll give your entire system a thorough check-up, replace any parts showing their age, tighten up connections, swap out filters, give condensate drains a look, and even clean the coils. Our maintenance squad’s mission is simple: ensure your system is ready to rock and roll before summer hits.

If anything goes awry, we’re always on call for emergency services and repair on all the big-name brands and types of air conditioners.

Remember, your air conditioning system isn’t just a piece of equipment – it’s a key part of your home. It keeps your family comfortable during those long, hot Piedmont Triad summers. Make sure it gets the care it deserves. For all your air conditioning needs, Webb Heating & Air Conditioning is just a call away.


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