10 Easy Ways To Save Big On Your Heating Bills Infographic

Here at Webb Heating & Air Conditioning, we realize you may be torn between having a comfortably warm home and paying a fortune to heat your house when things get chilly outside. Instead of making this ongoing compromise, try these strategies for increasing home comfort and cutting back on your utility expenses:

1.   Use the power of the sun—Take advantage of the natural heating power of the sun by opening up your curtains during the day to let in the light and closing them up at night to trap in the heat.

2.   Change your filters—When your home’s filters are dirty, you make your heater work harder to keep things comfortable inside your home. Plan on switching out your filters about once a month for the best results.

3.   Get your fans going—You may think of fans as something you should only use when it’s hot outside to cool down, but you can keep them going in the fall and winter, too. Since hot air rises, run your ceiling fans in reverse to keep the warm air down low.

4.   Program your thermostat—Set your thermostat so that your home stays cooler when you’re away or when you’re asleep. Just a minor drop in temperature can make a big impact on your bill!

5.   Clear your vents—Is furniture blocking your home’s vents? Make sure all the vents in your home are clear, so they can easily deliver all that hot air you’re paying for.

6.   Insulate—When your home isn’t properly insulated, hot air can quickly and easily escape. Contact an insulation contractor to decide if your home could use some extra insulation.

7.   Make preventative maintenance a priority—Keeping your furnace operating at peak performance is one of the best ways to save big on your heating bills. Plus, it can prevent major repairs later on down the road.

8.   Consider the age of your heating unit—How old is your heating unit? If you’ve had your current unit for a long time, it may be a good idea to upgrade to a newer, more efficient model.

9.   Dress for colder weather—Commit to keeping your thermostat a few degrees lower than you normally would and pack on the layers when you’re at home. For instance, keep a pair of slippers on your feet and have a sweater handy for when you feel a little chilly.

10.  Get your ducts cleaned—If your heating system can’t get hot air through your home, it’s going to have a hard time maintaining its efficiency. Get your ductwork cleaned out to allow all the warm air to flow freely.