A commercial ductless mini-split heating system could be the solution for your heating challenge.

One of the biggest challenges at any business that has fluctuating occupancy is maintaining a comfortable temperature. If you keep your main heating system to the level you need to keep certain areas comfortable, many others can become too warm. Here at Webb Heating & Air Conditioning, we have been the solution-focused supplier for heating and air conditioning since 1978 and have a solution for this dilemma. Our commercial ductless mini-split heating systems can be installed in those colder areas of your business to make them comfortable.

Commercial Ductless Mini-Split Heating

The beauty of these systems is that they don’t need the ductwork that your main system uses, so they won’t take a long time and structural changes to install. There are also different styles available, so we can put the unit where it won’t be in the way. You’ll be able to easily modify the temperature using your new commercial ductless mini-split heating system as there are various controller options available, including wireless, wired, and programmable.

The applications for commercial ductless mini-split heating go beyond resolving a colder area here and there in your building. They are also ideal for smaller build-outs where a central heating system is not feasible. Another application would be heating a new addition, so you don’t have to reconfigure the main system. These are just a few of the ways we use our innovative and problem-solving skills to meet your commercial heating needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have other problems that have you puzzled. We are the largest HVAC contractor in the area, but with the personal attention of a smaller company. We are confident we can serve your HVAC needs to your complete satisfaction for years to come.

At Webb Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer commercial ductless mini-split heating services in Advance, Greensboro, Mocksville, Clemmons, Lewisville, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Lexington, Burlington, and Graham, North Carolina.


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