Three Main Applications For Ductless Mini Splits

There are practically endless applications where ductless mini-splits can be an ideal choice. However, there are three situations that this is a common solution – absence of ductwork, building an addition, and supplementing a central system. Check out the information below to help determine if ductless mini-splits might be a good solution for your situation:

1.  Absence of Ductwork – If you have an older home that doesn’t have a central air-conditioning system and installing an entire new system isn’t feasible, ductless mini-splits can be a great alternative to relying on window units and fans. You’ll gain efficiency as well as a quieter environment. This is also a great option if you are building a smaller home, such as a tiny house, where it isn’t possible to put in a larger system with ductwork.

2.  Home Addition – If you are being faced with the issue of needing more space, but not wanting to move, an addition to your home might be in your future. To make your new space comfortable, and to keep from putting more strain on your existing system, a ductless mini-split could be a great option for you. Installing a ductless mini-split system will save your existing system the effort of trying to cool additional space that it was not originally designed to cool. If you do put the extra strain on your existing system, you will likely be contributing to a lessened lifespan on the system and possible costly repairs. A ductless mini-split is a great option for home additions.

3.  Supplementing – Some home layouts simply don’t play well with the central air-conditioning system, resulting in poorly cooled rooms. Another situation is when you require one room to be a different temperature. Ductless mini-splits are an ideal solution for these types of applications.

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