Advantages and Disadvantages of Ductless Mini-Split Heating

Some people are rethinking the typical central heating system commonly used in homes. The challenge with central heating systems is getting the heated air to all the rooms when much is lost as it is dispersed through the ductwork. Putting the heat right where it is needed with ductless mini-split heating units throughout the home sounds like the ideal solution, and for many it is the best option. However, if you are considering going this route, you should know the advantages and disadvantages involved.

  • Ductless Mini-Split HeatingMain Advantages – Nothing beats ductless mini-split heating for the custom control to heat individual rooms or zones to a preferred comfort level. If you have some family members that like a warm bedroom and others that prefer it cooler, these systems are the way to go. The energy savings you’ll experience is an important advantage as it is attained in multiple ways. First, you won’t lose heat through ductwork. Second, you can reduce the heat in unused rooms more easily. Another advantage of ductless mini-split heating is the easy installation that is less invasive to your home than other systems.
  • Main Disadvantages – The upfront cost of ductless mini-split heating can be higher than other systems, in part because you’ll need more units to properly heat each area of your home. However, many people purchase ductless systems for a singular room or small space, which would actually save you money in comparison to the purchase of a new HVAC system with ductwork. It can also be more complicated to determine placement of the units and should only be done by a professional to avoid a situation where you end up with less efficiency than you hoped. In addition, although many of today’s ductless mini-split heating units are attractive, they do stand out more than a built-in central heating system would.

The key to making the decision to proceed or not with ductless mini-split heating is having an HVAC professional provide you with the information you need. Here at Webb Heating & Air Conditioning, we want you to be completely happy with your choice, so we take the time to tell you all your options. Give us a call today to have one of our Comfort Consultants scheduled to come out to your home to give you a free estimate!